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Upcoming Shows & Events

Eurydice Next Showing: Friday, April 17th @ 8:00pm

The traditional myth of interrupted young love is turned on its head: What if Eurydice didn't want to come back to life? Perhaps the cost of living again exceeds the cost of staying dead. This contemporary meditation on love and grief is set in a lyrical and dark world of water, wit, and what-ifs.

Arms and the Man Next Showing: Friday, May 8th @ 8:00pm

Lovely Raina idealizes her fiance, a heroic soldier, despises the enemy soldier who begs her to save his life. After the war, both the enemy and her fiance return. Raina meets them both with arguments that spark and love-making that sparkles. Laughs and ideas battle it out for the lady's favor.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder Next Showing: Friday, June 19th @ 8:00pm

Edwardian style and classic farce ensue when middle-class Englishman Monty Narvarro learns he is the 'son of the daughter of the grandson of the nephew of the second Earl of Highhurst.' He relentlessly pursues his rightful earldom, accompanied by hilarity, stunning operatics, and an array of unforgettable characters.

Packing Up Polly Next Showing: Friday, July 10th @ 8:00pm

Canterbury Tales Next Showing: Friday, August 14th @ 8:00pm

How to pass the time while on a pilgrimage to Canterbury? A storytelling contest, of course! The best story wins a prize. This motley assortment of travelers each has a tale to tell, each more ridiculous and bawdier than the last. But will the group ever make it to Canterbury? And will we be laughing too hard to care?