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She Kills Monsters Next Showing: Friday, April 25th @ 8:00pm

SHE KILLS MONSTERS is a fun fantasy-filled romp through worlds of danger, drama, Dungeons & Dragons! Average Agnes goes on an epic quest to connect to her outcast sister Tilly by grabbing a sword and rolling the dice. Is she ready for the wacky world of tabletop roleplaying? Are you?

Steel Magnolias Next Showing: Friday, June 6th @ 8:00pm

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” The much loved story about the friendships of six southern women who find humor and solace within the walls of Truvy’s Beauty Shop.

Proof Next Showing: Friday, August 8th @ 8:00pm

Setting the clear structure of math against the much messier dynamics of family and relationships, Proof considers how madness and genius sometimes blur and asks us what we can really know for sure.

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